It is not as deep as you think it is. Ever wondered how people are mislead just by looking at the subject? Let this piece of writing not slip away from you mind like those hours of strenuous lectures that you endure with utmost resilience (i picture some engineering eyes widen).

  1. the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.
    “he resisted the temptation to call Celia at the office”
    synonyms: desire, urge, itch, impulse, inclination

    “Mary resisted the temptation to answer her mother back

    Ah yes, this is what Google thinks about temptation. ‘Bro i was tempted to answer that teacher back’. Let’s face it. B#$^$^ S#$%. You were not even close to lifting your chin up while the teacher was giving you a proper dressing-down and you have the audacity to say that you were ‘tempted’ to answer back?

    Let’s move to something else now. If you were a keen follower of my writing, you would make peace with the fact that i have a habit of juggling between thoughts throughout the course of my writing. Well, if you don’t, then it is about time you do. I have often heard guys say that the state of inebriation pushed them to do things that was tempting for them in their sober state. I have grown immensely tired of being an audience to this well structured, seemingly explainable and absurdly plausible explanation. First of all, you aren’t tempted to do anything, you WAN’T to do it. And the fact that you wan’t it so badly, you are only seeking an excuse to cover up the failure as a consequence of poor execution. Funnily enough, we have solid excuses these days to shield our presumptuous actions that have far reaching consequences than we think it does.

    What is temptation then? Is it a small baby resisting the urge to ask the mother for some candy although giving it away courtesy of the ‘drool’ ? Is it a man resisting the urge to take a step forward with a girl who barely knows him? The point here being, we all succeed in identifying the part that needs to be resisted. But READ. It is resistance of the urge to do something ‘wrong’ or ‘unwise’. Right and wrong are two highly debatable and relative terms that people are driven to the extent of pointing it out as being poles apart.

    When i take the bus every morning, i can’t help but catch a few youngsters taking the seat that is usually reserved for the ladies. There is another category of men who are ‘tempted’ to do so (it is certainly unwise and wrong to deny seat to a woman, at least in our country), but refrain from doing it.

    If you closely observe and go a little deeper, temptation is related to a consequence we are well aware of and one which is completely in our favor. Times when people aren’t aware of what is going to happen if they take that lady’s seat or if they misbehave with that girl on that road, they will not be tempted towards. We have trained our mind to explore our comforts very well while locking it up forcefully when it requested us for the access into the zone of dis-comfort. This has a dependence on temptation.

    It is tempting for me to publish this on Facebook because i know the consequences it will have if it proves to be successful. But i really don’t know what would happen if i don’t put it on Facebook which is probably why i am not tempted to do so. Don’t you think that makes sense?

    I am tempted to sleep because i know that it’s outcome is something that i am completely aware of but my question is, why is it wrong or unwise to sleep now?


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